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Bainter Hydraulic Grain Bin Jacking System

The Best Bin Lifting Jacks You Can Buy

The Bainter hydraulic grain bin jacking system is your best solution to grain bins from small farm bins to large commercial tanks. Brackets are available for both corrugated and non-corrugated panels, and all of the various ring heights.

We offer different sized jacks to fit different applications. Standard T-bar jacks are best on smaller tanks with larger commercial grade jacks avalible for heavier bins and special applications such as tower dryers and smooth walled tanks.

Interchangeable brackets allow the jacks to bolt onto bins whether they are inside or outside stiffened. All jacks have a wide base, an essential safety feature when building structures safely.

The Bainter Center ring support with rolling stairway system is an adjustable system that will accommodate bins from 32 ft. diameter to 155' diameter. This modular system can be resized simply by adding or subtracting parts. This system allows you to safely build roofs of varying slopes and sizes without extra scaffolding.